How to Download WhatsApp Plus .apk File for Android – Free Version for Lifetime

WhatsApp plus is the latest version of WhatsApp which is available for free and the added benefit is that you can use it for lifetime. Downloading the free version of WhatsApp plus is very easy like installing the other Android Apps. When we talk about Android there are thousand of application which are available for free and that’s why I love Android personally ( Sorry iPhone users ).

Taking it to the next level WhatsApp had made many changes to the application and let us see it one by one about their features.
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Features of WhatsApp Plus in 2014 for Android Phones

  1. Includes all the best features of the official WhatsApp messenger by default.
  2. There is no need to purchase this version in the future because it comes for free of cost and available for download freely for lifetime.
  3. Change the old boring texting environment of WhatsApp by changing the themes, color and customizing the chat workspace.
  4. There is no need to install a modded WhatsApp to hide the last seen messages because WhatsApp Plus in-built feature provides you to choose whether to show/hide the last seen messages.
  5. There are plenty of upcoming updates for this WhatsApp Plus version and grab it soon using the below method.

Download WhatsApp Plus .apk For Android for Free

Unlike other application there is no need to wait for the play store to load the app and download it instead you can get it directly from the below link.
Just download it and install it on your Android phone, there is no much of the installation procedure requires for installation.
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