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co citation seo link building

Co-Citations – Did Google Add One More Signal to the SERP List?

From panda to the latest pigeon(by SEL) algorithms are changing day by day, these updates are ruining out our SEO work. Now messing up with old SEO tactics doesn’t work anymore. After Google introduced algorithms like panda and penguin we started fetching new and reliable ways to build backlinks.  Factors like backlink’s anchor texts and keywords are loosing it’s importance by continuous update of algorithms. Everyone of us once used keywords for linking to the site but now using long-tails because of it’s search compatibility .Gaining authority doesn’t end with backlinks. Now it’s time for co-citations.

What are co-citations?

it’s time to say anchor text is diminishing but not completely. Google started giving importance to these surrounding texts. Words on the pages that linking back to a pages always play a vital role. Few refer it as pseudo linking which means when a site A links to Site B and Site C through a post then these  sites are linked with each other even though there is no direct link from Site B to Site C. Co-citations helps Google to find similarities of two web pages due to the third web page referring to both of them. Links are the powerful ranking signals than this co-citations but both have their own merits in the eyes of Google algorithms.

co citation seo link building

Important concepts of co-citations :

  • Most of us vigorously try to get backlinks from higher authoritative websites but while linking back to the authoritative websites also we need to maintain the balance in link eco-system. Linking back to authoritive websites gives a postive signal to Google . You may feel frustrating in this competitive world linking back to other websites is just like aiding the competitor but the trick is find out the authoritative website related to the same topic but not in competition. I mentioned in my previous blog post how to rank a zero content site is based on same concept.
  • On the other side, linking to poor quality website and linking to a website with irrelevant topic & low social share, Google might think that you are trying to manipulate the rankings, moreover algorithms can easily figure out this kind of tactics.
  • When a site A links to site B and Site C , if site B is more authoritative than Site C then authority of site B is benefit to the Site C. You can use this trick  during  guest posting which benefits  you a lot. Here the concept is first the Authority flows forward and then backward like it’s just a transitive relation.


The concept of co-citations and co-occurrence  is quite confusing but the basics of making use of it is to keep the words wisely that are surrounding the link as it influences more. Never link to bad websites instead link freely to authoritative websites (relevant sites).

advanced link building strategies

Effective and Advanced Link Building Strategy Through Link Wheel

Keyword stuffing and anchor text optimization has lost it’s importance and doesn’t work anymore after the release of Google algorithms Panda and Penguin. After the release of these Algorithms many top blogs had been penalized and lost their rankings in SERP. Now the quality of the links became more important ranking factor(what kind of blogs linking to you).

advanced link building strategies

What is a link wheel?

Link wheel  is an advanced link building strategy, although it is an old concept, but it is evolving from time to time. The main concept behind link wheel is to create a link pattern such that at the end it links to your main blog. The main concept in link wheel is that we are going to use  hosted web 2.0 sites remotely.

Usually these sites allow us to create pages, write content and make some link juice flow through them to your main site. You can also consider that link wheel is a mini private blog network created out of web 2.0 sites.

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How to create an effective link wheel

In link wheel, the main site is in the center and followed by unlimited web 2.0 sites which are connected to each other outside. You should link in such away that all the web 2.0 sites are properly connected to main site.

Let me explain you clearly, site 1 links to site 2, and to your main site, site 2 connects to site 3 and your main site and the chain follows. You can look over the simple link wheel structure at down.

site 2 <== site 1 ==> main site.

site 3 <== site 2 ==> main site.

link wheel to increase serp rankings

What kind of websites can you use :

  • Article submission directories,
  • Web 2.0 sites,
  • Wiki sites.

Although many of the wiki sites are no follow it helps to flow some authority to your blog and helps to rank higher in SERP.

Link wheel is only effective when you use it properly and safe from Google penalties. Treat web 2.0 properties & wiki sites as your own blogs and invest some time & money in creating unique articles. Note : Never use spinned content. This not only helps you to be safe from penalties but you can also get some referral traffic. Never use any automatic software to create these link wheels because all those softwares are going to leave some traces which can be caught by Google easily and you may be penalized.

So, I advice you to build link wheels manually. Mostly don’t use targeted keyword as anchor text instead use anchor texts which are generic like blog, post, website, click here. My secret advise is that make some links as no follow so that the link wheel pattern breaks and makes it more effective. Also build backlinks to those web 2.0 sites, I mean tiered link building. You can use any sites like social book marking sites, audio sites, video sites, as a part of link wheel .


Here are some best web 2.0 sites which can be used for link building

  1. WordPress
  2. Xing
  3. Bloglines
  4. Issuu
  6. Livejournal
  7. Tumbler
  8. Friend Feed
  9. Goodreads
  10. Jimdo

PS: There are many patterns in link wheel and my personal advice is that try to create a unique structure for your link wheel so that you may not get caught easily.

best backlink tools ahref alternative

Best Ahrefs Alternative Tools for Backlink Analysis and Building

Backlinks play a vital role in ranking any of the blog even though after many updates, Google reduced it’s importance and added other ranking signals. Backlinks still has the vital role in increasing page rank, Moz rank and used for better keyword ranking. Generally backlinks are categorized into two types do-follow and no follow but our main intention is to get do-follow Backlinks to our blog. The important thing is we need to analyse Backlinks from time to time to prevent negative SEO on site and spy on competitor’s links to boost up your rankings. Still many of the bloggers cannot afford the cost of Ahrefs, we have come with the best alternative tools which are similar to Ahrefs.

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#Cognitive SEO-cutting Edge SEO tool.

Cognitive SEO is one of my all time favorite  tool. It has many key features in bound link analysis, link management, SERP  tracking. The best part of it is collects link reports from majestic  SEO, SEO MOZ, Ahref’s, SEO kicks and Blekko.

It has many advanced features like showing backlink snap shot and finding hidden  java script links. Itcan spy on your competitor link building strategies and tell you that what kind of links works best for you.Cutting Edge SEO Tools   cognitiveSEO

#Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is one of the best alternative for backlink analysis. The plans range from 30-250 pounds. It gives you tons of information like top backlinks and referring domains , top pages etc. When you click on a particular tab it gives more information and also it has many locations like fresh index, historic index.

Fresh index gives you the data of the last 30 days and the historic index gives you the complete data. You can find top pages area which shows the title URL and AC rank (indicates how important a page is based on the no.of referring external domains).Majestic SEO   Backlink Checker   Site Explorer

#SEO Moz Review

SEO MOZ gives you complete set of tools campaign based web apps, set of SEO tools, and full access to the open site explorer. The pro kit gives you link building , competitive analysis keyword research, on page optimization and social media Monitoring.ahrefs-alternatives

#Rank Signals

Rank signals is one of the best free tool for people who cannot afford these premium tools. It is ten times far better than tools like Backlink watch. When you analyse your competitors Backlinks, it shows which is  hot and also you can get the basic information about the Backlinks.ahrefs-alternatives

#Open Link Profiler

Open link profiler is one of the best tool which gives you around 2,00,000 fresh links per website. It gives in-depth analysis of  live Backlinks and it allows you to download your Backlink data upto 1000 links In free version. It has many options like you can check the URL source link influence score, type of industry you get Backlinks from, anchor text of the Backlinks and the date on which the links are added. It is my all time favorite free link analysis   The freshest backlinks. For free.

So, I had mentioned the best tools which I know by ignoring the small crap tools like backlink watch and if you know still any better tools just comment below so that it may help newbies.

backlink cloaking

[Don’t try this] Making Fool out of Google – Backlink Cloaking

Almost everyone who are reading this post would have known what does “Cloaking” means. If you had ever searched for preventing your website from Google algorithm update then you would have noticed the term “Cloaking” everywhere either it might be a forum or a blog. So everyone said you not to practice it but no one revealed what really it does to Google, Did they ?

backlink cloaking

90/100 bloggers would never give a backlink to a Gaming or xxx site, but from where do they build so many backlinks, Ever wondered ? I’m going to explain you what’s going on behind the cloaking process and why it is bad to follow for your regular sites.

This is only for educational purpose and so never try it for your website or hurt your competitor’s website. If you’re practicing it after reading my article then I’m not responsible for it and trust me Google’s will penalize your site badly if you get caught!

What’s Cloaking and Why Spammers Prefer this Method ?

Cloaking is a method or approach of manipulating search engines by showing different content to the user and to the search engines(Google). That is when I visit  your webpage I would see a technology relevant content but when Google bots crawl the same webpage it would see a Casino or Gaming relevant content.

See what Matt Cutts is saying about Cloaking : 

If you prefer to show different content to the Google bots rather than the original content then you are most probably against the Google’s quality policy guidelines.

Spammers who owns a gaming, porn or gambling niche sites are not going to get direct backlinks from any site because bloggers know that giving back a link to these kind of sites will lead their site’s to penalty. For this reason, cloaking came into the picture where a spammer can trick Google as well as the person who’s going to give links to him.

The below is the code which these black hat bloggers use for manipulating Google and they are well known of the issue that they are going to be banned when Google gets them, still they do take risks.

if (preg_match("#(google|slurp@inktomi|yahoo! slurp|msnbot)#si", $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'])) {
    header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");

A spammer will inject this code in his “Header.php” or “Function.php” file and when a Google bot crawls this header information it thinks that the page has been permanently redirected to the site mentioned inside the code. But when the user visits this webpage he will not be redirected to the secondary site because the code is written in such a way only to redirect search engines and that’s what we exactly call as Cloaking.

When you do this the secondary site will get the same Page rank, authority and allows the trust to flow but at one point Google does penalize it. So from now be careful if you’re going to give back a link to any of the blogger out there.

NOTE : if a site “A” is being redirected to a high page rank site “B” then, the site “A” gets the same page rank as the site “B”. But when the redirection is removed the page rank also gets vanished. So whenever you’re purchasing a high PR site from someone do check whether the PR is real or fake.

You can use my tool here to check it. Enter the website address and if it shows the Page Rank as ” -1 ” then for sure that’s a fake Google page rank. Once again I’m telling this do not try Cloaking and if you’re doing it then do it at your own risk.

how to rank zero content site

How to Rank a Zero-Content Site with SEO (Musics, Video blogs)

Search engine optimization is one of the mysterious topic all time, it has evolved a lot since the release of Google’s algorithms Panda and Penguin. The title of post is SEO for zero-content site and doesn’t it sounds wired? You may think a while that how to optimize a site with no content. Yes there are few white hat tactics with which you can optimize a zero-content site.

Let me tell you the complete scenario with an example. One of my friend owns a music blog, it’s an absolutely zero-content site. It may have very few lines of content like “latest movie xx full songs free download”  but still that’s  the maximum content we can find in any music website. Many of them are now aware of optimizing this kind of zero-content website and so today I’m writing this article.

Link building for a zero-content site

how to rank zero content site

Zero-content site would be generally a music blog ,video blog , an e-commerce site. Now let me discuss link building for this kind of site. Take the example of the music site and what are all the possible things we can do for optimizing it for search engine? Content and backlinks are the two vital components of SEO for any blog. What content can you expect from a music site? I think it could be a small description about crew and cast team and the second one is backlinks.

  • Music blogs: Try to get backlinks from audio sharing sites, we never use them generally for our SEO but this is enough easy to get backlinks from them. All you need is to create a small audio clip and upload in those websites and you can get your backlink’s  in artist profile.

Audio sharing sites list :

  1. (PR6)
  2. (PR7)
  3. (PR5)
  4. (PR5)
  • Video blogs: Building links to a video blog is similar to that of music blogs, just create  piece of video and upload it in the video sharing sites, You can toggle over Google for do follow video sharing sites list.

Note: you can also build links From my previous post “Link building using foot prints“.

  • E-commerce: The best article for “E-commerce link building“. Another best method for link building is writing a paid post on other blogs. It’s an old method and if Google catches you then you will  be out of the game. But there is a white hat SEO technique  for it, just write a post on other blogs “top 10 music websites all time” and mention your website among them. Give every website a do-follow link and it creates a citation flow.

What exactly citation flow is? When a webpage refers your website along with some authority website, some amount of trust and authority is flown into your website in Google’s eyes. This is absolutely the white hat SEO method for zero-content site. I’ll let you know more about citations in my next post.

I said you earlier in the post build profile links by uploading music from audio sharing websites, you may get links from few audio sharing sites but never ignore sites which doesn’t link back to you. Just you link back to them and this  creates an impression in Google’s eyes that you belong to same niche and your site is trusted one as you are linking back to authority sites.

  • Increase user interaction signal: Just offer your content to user by asking them to make some kind of comments or ask them to share on social media.

These are the few methods for SEO for a zero-content site and if you have any doubt over the topic just comment below I’m going to answer it for sure within the less time. If you know any other methods then comment below and let others know through your comments.

seo footprints build high qualtiy links

Revealing How Bloggers Build High Quality Backlinks with SEO Footprints

Are you tired of link building ? did you suck up with searching in Google for backlink’s list, Then you are in right place to find thousands of link building opportunities for your blog. This may sound wired ,but it is true ,there are over 152,000,00 blogs and websites over internet and 2 new blogs are created every second. SO why do you end up with thin link profile for your may find lists over internet ,what would that link worth if you and your competitor have the same,and usually that kind of lists would be spammed because thousands of fellow bloggers already used them.

Here I’m going to tell how to find link building opportunities by yourself  by the concept called foot prints . Let me be frank i have never searched for backlink’s list in Google after I have come across the concept of footprints .I will assure you will also not fetch in Google for backlink’s list after reading this post. Also read : Best Blogger templates for technology sites.


What are foot prints?

Footprints is the piece of phrase or sentence that a particular website consist in its script, with the help of these  foot prints. one may grab tons of backlink’s related to particular niche by tracking similar websites, it may be quite confusing ,let me explain you clearly when you start a blog you may generally starting in Blogger or WordPress  platform ,yet when you scroll down over the blog,you may see a phrase “proudly powered by blogger“.almost every webpage of that blog consist of this foot print.Now here blogger is the script platform and “proudly powered by blogger” is the phrase in the script  or let me call it tracking code. Not only the script of the platform the phrases in the third-party widgets are also helpful for link building opportunities.

How to use foot prints for finding link building opportunities

Generally we will build links from forum’s, directories  ,commenting on do follow blogs , you can build tons of links to your blog by following steps mentioned below

Step 1:  Finding out a platform  that can give you desired link

Step 2: Finding out  foot print of that platform

Step 3: running out search quires of specific foot print in Google and other search engines. finding out the link building opportunities.
SEO-FOOTPRINOk, let me go with an example everyone knows that many forums  give do follow links  now let us go through a forum which we know, it works on a particular script designed by specific company, I went through w and  scrolled down to bottom of it,look at the below picture you can find that it  was “Powered by phpbb”. Actually phpbb is a company which developed that script, with the help of this one we can find still many forums that run on software designed by  phpbb.Now just run a query in Google search that powered by phpbb now you can find tons of forums that run on phpbb script.

powered by phpbb seo   Google Search

You can find tons of footprints in Google  for forums,directories and many more,almost finding every type of link have a query.

Enjoy building ton’s of  backlinks to your blog, now what do you say is link building difficult part of SEO ?i f you have any doubts comment below I’m going to reply to all your comments  as soon as possible

Soon Coming up with a tool for building high quality backlinks using  SEO footrpints.

best blogger templates 2014 2015

Best 10 Responsive SEO Optimized Free Blogger Templates

Being said that Blogger templates are customizable only upto a certain extent, I’m bringing you here the top 10 responsive blogger templates with best features with unlimited customization. I’ve seen many bloggers working hard towards their “niche” blogs and to make your work easier, here I’m going to give you all those required templates which was already personally tested by me. If you’ve missed out my recent post for Boosting your Adsense income then have a look at it.

The templates have the following features :

  1. Responsive to Mobile.
  2. Search Engine Optimzation(SEO) friendly
  3. Highly customizable
  4. User friendly
  5. Faster loading time
  6. Less page size
  7. ADS optimizable for high CTR
  8. Social sharing buttons
  9. Easy Footer link removal
  10. Structured well for Google bot crawlers

Best Responsive SEO Optimized Free Blogger Templates

I’ve tested the speed, loading time, page size, user experience and the total performance based on two online tools Pingdom and Google Page Speed Insight. I’ve ignored all the creepy website’s out of the list and specified only the best themes especially for technology kind of websites. If you’re looking for a template for magazine or news kind of website then this list is not for you.

I’m not going to give the entire description for each and every website because you can know more about these templates by just looking at the screenshots.

#1 – Accent Box Responsive Template

Home page of the template : 

AccentBox responsive template


Google’s PageSpeed Insight Test Result : 

accent box insight

Pingdom Performance Test :

accent box template pingdom


Download the template here:[sociallocker] Accent Box [/sociallocker]

#2 Bootstrap 3 Blogger Template

Home page  :

Bootstrap 3 Blogger Template   Blogger Template Demo.

Google’s PageSpeed Test Result : 

bootstrap template insight

Pingdom Test :

bootstrap template pingdom

Download [sociallocker]: Bootstrap 3 [/sociallocker]

#3 Runo Lite SEO-Optiomized Template

Home page of the template :

Runo Lite seo optimized template

Google’s  Insight Test Result : 

runonlite template insight

Pingdom  Test Result :

runolite template pingdom

Download  here[sociallocker]: Runo Lite [/sociallocker]

#4 Minimum Theme Mobile Friendly Template

Home page :

Minimum Theme responsive template


Google’s Test Result : 

minimum blogger theme insigt test

Pingdom Performance Result :

minimum blogger responsive test pingdom

Download template here[sociallocker]: Minimum Theme [/sociallocker]

#5 Groovy NBT Template 

Home page of the template :

Groovy responsive template

Google’s Speed Test Result : 

groovy template insight

Pingdom Performance Test Result :

groovy template pingdom

Download this template[sociallocker] : Groovy[/sociallocker]

#6 Balance Responsive Fast Template

Home page of the Blogger Template:

Balance Theme responsive

Google’s PageSpeed Insight Test Result : 

balance template insight

Pingdom Performance Test :

balance responsive pingdom

 Download  template[sociallocker]: Balance[/sociallocker]

#7 WPEX SEO Blogger Template

Home page of the template :

WPEX Blogger template

Google’s PageSpeed Insight Test Result : 

wpex template insight

Pingdom Performance Test :

wpex pingdom test

 Download it here[sociallocker]: Wpex[/sociallocker]

#8 Geeks Gadget Mobile Friendly Template

Home page of the template :

Geeks Gadgets theme

Google’s PageSpeed Insight Test Result : 

geeksgadget insight

Pingdom Performance Test :

geeksgadget pingdom


 Download  here[sociallocker]: Geeks Gadget[/sociallocker]

#9 Colored Free Responsive Blogger Template

Home page of the template :

Colored template for blogger

Google’s PageSpeed Insight Test Result : colored insight

Pingdom Performance Test :

colored pingdom

 Download template here[sociallocker]: Colored[/sociallocker]

#10 Spike Responsive Template for Blogger Platform

Home page of the template :

Spike template free download

Google’s PageSpeed Insight Test Result : 

w2tspike insight

Google’s PageSpeed Insight Test Result : 

w2tspike pingdom

Download the template[sociallocker]: Spike[/sociallocker]

How to Upload these templates to your Blogger website :

  1. Go to your Blogger dashboard and log into your account.
  2. Select your blog for which you need to change the template.
  3. Move on to the “Template” tab.
  4. Before uploading the template click on the “Backup/restore” button and download your current template.
  5. Now upload it

 Conclusion :

Usually Google considers a website speed as a factor for search engine page rank and that’s not it because based on your template there are many factors that will affect the SERP like responsiveness, Ad optimization, user friendly structure and many more. You can blindly any template above because all the templates work fine with blogger and they are free to download as well.

8 Tricks to Increase your Google Adsense Revenue (CPC)

Most of the bloggers come into the blogging industry with a mind set of making huge cash every month. Ofcourse, Adsense will be their first target to concentrate on for their first income. Almost 80% of the bloggers would have earned their first income from their website via Google Adsense only. Google’s Adsense is a gift for the one who knows to use it properly but it turns into a disaster when you try to manipulate them in greediness.

Most of the bloggers who own a Adsense knows the pain in getting it approved but, that was years back. Google loosened it’s approving policy as I see lots of new bloggers get Adsense approved for their blogs which is not even a month old. In this article let me show you how to increase  your Adsense revenue by using few tricks but don’t worry they are 100% white hat.

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8 Trick to Increase your Google Adsense Revenue

If you log into your Adsense dashboard you can notice the term CPC which plays the major role in your income. Technically Cost Per Click (CPC) means for a single user click how much you are going to get paid by the advertiser. If the CPC is more then your income will be more and that’s why I’m sharing few of my tricks which I was using on my site to increase my revenue from Google Adsense.

1. Selecting the Niche and Keyword

If someone has written a blog post on increasing then you can see this title would be on the #1. Because the keyword you are going to select has more importance in increasing your CPC.

For example if i have two site say one is “technology” and the other is “health“. Assume that if  I’m getting same traffic and clicks for both the blog then for sure my heath blog will be earning 5 times more than my technology blog. Because “Health” Niche has more CPC than most of the Technology keywords.

So where can you find the CPC for each and every keywords? Using Google Adwords Keyword Planner Tool you can easily find how much CPC does a keyword has.

Below I’m leaving a screenshot which shows how much CPC a particular Keyword or Niche has.

get high cpc in adsense

Final touch is : Select a Highly searched Niche and if you already have a site on particular niche then you need to write posts for those keywords that have high cost per click.

2. Selecting the Ad Placement Wisely

Most ignored part in a website is Ad placements. I’ve seen lot of blogs which will have the same Ad placement for years without even making a small change. Frankly speaking that’s bad because your Ad placement affects your revenue badly. If you are not going to place your ads properly then you will be loosing your visitors from clicking the Ads.

So what’s a good Ad placement would look like ? If it was 2009 I would have suggested you to place Ads on the top and right side bar with an additional Ad unit on the Starting of the post because during those periods all the websites had the same layout. So if it works for the one the remaining can follow the same.

But it’s 2014 where each and every website has different layouts and structure. 100’s of templates are being released on a day and there’s no one except you who can find the good Ad placement.

Trial and error method is the only solution for this. Do experiments, for a second look at your site as a visitor then now thing where was your eyes going at first ? Was it on the header? or on the Main column ? Then place Ads at those places which will improve your Adsense revenue.

Final touch  : Ad placement doesn’t relate with CPC of an Ad but wait. Google isn’t providing the same Ad unit for all your Ad units. So try to reduce the number of Ad units and that will force Google to show you only high CPC Ads.

3. Block the Ads That are not Earning Well

You cannot totally control the Ads being displayed by Adsense but still you can tweak it a little to display only particular Ads that are performing well on your site.

Google stated that 

It’s a myth that filtering ads can prevent ‘low-paying ads’ from appearing, so as always, we recommend blocking only those ads that you feel are unsuitable for your adsense with adwords.

But still its not good to believe Google every time.

  1. Log into your Adsense dashboard and click on “Allow & block ads“.
  2. Move on to the “General Categories” and take a look at the ads that are not performing well.
  3. In my case “Apparels” category impression rate is more than my earnings rate. So I’m blocking it.

increase adsense CPC

 Final touch : Note that you can see a small % of increase in the revenue after doing this step. Every drop counts and so do not skip this step.

4. Selecting a Responsive & Custom Ad for your Site

Do you know that you are getting half of your visitors from mobile version ? Yes. and that’s the reason why people moved to responsive templates and now it’s time to move on to responsive Ads.

Responsive Ads are easy to create and they change the size according to the screen size automatically. I hope you know how to create a responsive Ad. There’s one more trick which i used personally to increase my revenue is that converting the custom sized Ads to responsive Ads.

Final touch : Visit this article to know how to make custom Ads as responsive Ads.(Labnol) and see the increase in your earnings.

5. Get Visitors from Foreign Countries.

Do you know that countries like USA, UK, and western countries like Canada, France, Germany has more CPC that any other countries? and Countries like India, Malaysia, Pakistan has very less CPC so try to get foreign visitors.

100 clicks from India for an Ad is equal to 5 clicks from Uk and USA. To get visitors from these kind of places you can target Stumbleupon and Reddit because these are the sites where you can find lot of foreign visitors.

Also Learn How to use Adsense on blocked sites( Only for educational purpose).

6. Try Link Units and Color

I’ve experienced on my site few years back that Link Ad units performed better than those square or any other Ad units according to the terms of CPC.

But nowadays people are very clever. If there’s a menu kind of bar with 5 links then they would easily guess that’s an Ad. So try to use the same color as your theme color so that it gets easily merged with the theme.

7. High PR site? High CPC

I’m not sure whether it’s a myth or truth and even though there’s no official statement from Google that they will provide high CPC for a good PR site.

Think once why would Google display cheap Ads on a extremely well performing site ? Will the site owner accept those Ads? No, ofcourse he will simply switch to other Ad network or direct Ads. So Google has kept it as an secret so that people shouldn’t run behind page ranks.

8. Integrate Adsense with Analytics

Have you ever checked which post is getting more Ad clicks ? No, right ? There’s a beautiful option in Google Analytics that you can easily your Adsense account with it and check which post is performing well regarding Adsense.

First you need to integrate with Adsense and only then the option will be available in your Google Analytics. Once you’ve added then you can see the performance as shown below.

increase adsense revenue


You can find Adsense under Behavior tab in Google Analytics. Check which post is earning more and try to write similar posts with good CPC.

Conclusion :

If you’re using only Adsense to monetize your website then I would suggest you to practice all the methods which I’ve given above and still if I’ve left any method then let me know in the comments. One small advice is that try to avoid other Ad networks or any other affiliate product banners as Google might go against those Ads. Getting an Adsense is more easier than Maintaining it from getting it banned so use it wisely.

google page rank predictor secret

Revealing the Secret Behind Google Future Pagerank Predictor Tool

Google ranks each and every website with a Pagerank starting from 0 -10 based on few criteria(mostly backlinks) and Google will release their update twice for every year. I’m not sure why Google hasn’t released their update for this year(may be Mr.Matt is busy in zoo for finding an Animal name for his next update). So Recently I developed a tool which can calculate your Google Pagerank and you can take a look at this tool here :

Many of my readers have been asking the logic behind this tool and thus I’m revealing the secret behind it (because there’s nothing to hide). So Everyone are eager to know what’s going on behind the future pagerank predictor tool?

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What’s Going on Behind this Tool?

It was scripted in a way to take the site’s

  • Current Pagerank
  • Moz Domain Authority
  • Number of Backlinks

When you type in a site and click on the big green button the code searches for your current page rank. Next the site’s current Domain Authority will be fetched from Moz and also the number of backlinks will be taken along with it.

When all the details are fetched successfully the code will calculate like if your site’s domain authority is = 40 and pagerank is equal to 4 then your pagerank will be your Domain Authority/10 that is 4. If DA = 40 and PR  < 4 then your page rank will be (DA/10 )+ 1.

If the site’s DA > 40 and current PR > 4 then it calculates the backlinks to predict your pagerank. The calculation is not 100% perfect as calculated by Google because they consider a lot of factors to give a rank to a site. Initially my tool had few bugs and I’ve fixed them later.

We will come to know whether the tool works perfectly only if Google releases it’s next pagerank update.

API’s used for Predicting the Pagerank :

  • Google Pagerank checker API

Languages used for Creating this Tool :

  1. CSS – Big button and texts
  2. HTML – Forms and other tags
  3. PHP – API’s

Many people felt a boost in the page rank using this tool and that’s only because your domain authority got increased.

Conclusion : Having a lot of high quality backlinks will improve your Page rank and thus you can use your PR to get good number of sponsored posts, reviews.

how to show ads on adsense banned websites

Black Hat Trick to Use Google Adsense in Banned Websites

Got your site banned from displaying ads but still want to display your ads on your website? Not a big deal though, but you must know that if you are going to display Adsense ads on your banned blog then your are going to violate Google’s terms and conditions. But still if you are stubborn to use it then here’s a trick that I’m going to show you in this tutorial with which you can show Ads on any Ad-banned site.

Note : Using Adsense on already banned site’s are against Google’s policies and you’re risking your Adsense account. Whatever you are going to try from here is at your own risk.

If you’re struggling to get approved for Adsense then check here to get hosted Adsense.

Trick to Use Google Adsense on Sites where Google Ads are already Banned

You need few preparations for it.

  1. Hosting Server – To host your Ads
  2. Google Adsense
  3. Two web sites(including the ads-banned site)

Before starting the tutorial let me tell you what exactly are we gonna do here. Firstly, we will be hosting our Ad on a empty page of a site. Next, we will be inserting that page on our Ad-Banned site.

Step 1 : Hosting your Ads on Another Site

Open your notepad and type whatever is there below.



Your -Ad-Code-Here



Replace “Your-Ad-Code-Here” with your Google Adsense Ad code (synchronous or Asynchronous really doesn’t matter here).

how to use ads on adsense banned sites

Now save this file as something.html and upload it to your hosting server. ( If you’re a newbie then to upload a page to your server you need to log-in to your hosting account then go to your file manager and upload the file)

Get the URL of that page after uploading it to the site and save the URL somewhere, we will be needing it in the next step.

Note : The server where you are going to upload the file should not be the same as the Ads-Banned server. For example you have two site’s on Godaddy and let’s say your Site-1 is banned from displaying Ads, Then you must not upload the file to the Site-A instead the file must be uploaded from the Site-2.( I mean host it somewhere where your Ads are not banned already).

Step 2 : Inserting your Ad on your Ad-Banned Site.

Now go to your site where the Adsense is already banned and create a widget for inserting a HTML code.

For Blogger sites , Go to your Layout tab, then click on the “Add a gadget“. Now select “HTML/Javascript”.

For WordPress sites, Navigate to your “Widgets” menu and select a “Text” widget.

Now paste the below code and save it.

<iframe src=”URL” width=”320″ height=”240″ frameBorder=0 />

Replace the “URL” with the one we copied earlier in the previous step and place the widget to your desired place. If necessary you can change the height and width from the above code too.

using adsense in blovked websites

Conclusion :

I do not recommend you to use this trick because in few days they might ban your account for trying to manipulate Google. This is only for educational purpose. Instead why don’t you ask Google why they had banned your site?

If you’re facing problem in uploading the file or getting the URL of the file then leave a comment here. Let me fix that issue for you.