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Chrome Extensions for Hardcore Multi-Tab Users

Opening multiple tabs on Google chrome would make your computer to become slower and i have come up with few useful extensions that could solve your problem.Unlike other browsers chrome is known for its speed,smooth performance and elegant look but not many knew that opening multi-tabs can make their chrome slower.This is because chrome opens separate process for every opened tabs.See the screenshot below how it would look when viewed with chrome’s task manager.

chrome extensions multiple tabs
To use the task manager feature click on the option button on the top right and select tools.You will find the task manager in the menu below tools.

Extension for Hardcore Multi-Tab Users

I’m not going to suggest you too many extension as they will affect the performance as well.You can notice the memory used by the extensions in my chrome from the above screenshot.

Extension 1 : The Great Suspender

The first extension is “The great Extender” which will be helpful for reducing the memory held by the other tabs which are inactive.You can get the extension from this Download link and add it to your chrome.
google chrome extensions multiple tabs
With the help of this extension you can suspend a particular tab or suspend all the tabs. Why waste memory when they are not being used?

Extension 2 : Veritabs

The first extension was about saving your memory and the second extension that i’m gonna suggest you is for easy navigation.I always find it difficult to switch between tabs when there are plenty of them opened.Roughly i used to have 15 tabs opened and i can’t even see the tabs name so what i did was installing this wonderful extension called Veritabs.
multiple tabs handling chrome browser
Once you install this extension then you can see the tabs appearing in the vertical style when you mouse over near the left end of the screen.You can resize the tabs and even make their position to be fixed.
That’s all for this post on chrome extensions and you can get a list of other chrome extension from “Give life to chrome“.
If you have found something useful for multi-tabs users then do please share it with our readers.

Give Life to Google Chrome with Amazing Extensions

If you are a hardcore internet user then you are likely to be in front of Google Chrome for most of the time.Why don’t we make it more special by adding additional features to Chrome by installing extensions? I consider 4 as a magical number and will introduce you 4 Chrome extensions that can bring life to it and make it more user friendly.Followed by my previous post about 5 Interesting Google Chrome tricks this post is once again dedicated for a Chrome’s fan.

google chrome extensions

Warning : Try to have less extensions as possible or else you will experience a high CPU usage.

4 Interesting Chrome Extensions for Google Chrome

Talk to Type

iPhone once hit the peak of sale when it introduced a new feature called as “SIRI”.You can use SIRI as a personal assistant on your phone using voice commands which made people Lazy ( hehe ).Let’s add a similar but not the same voice command feature to our chrome and make it to type as we narrate.You can use it on Facebook, messengers, Google’s searches and in many other places.
talk to type chrome extension

Get the extension from here : Talk to type Tejji 

After installing the extension to your chrome browser you can play around the settings like changing the icon’s color,etc…

Web Timer

Have you ever calculated the time spent on each and every website? Now you can make this happen by this wonderful extension called as “Web Timer”.It automatically calculates the time spent by you on every single website from the day one you install this extension.You might see the time spent in the form of cute little pie chart like something similar to the below screenshot.
web timer extension for google chrome browser
It refreshes for every 3 second and keeps the time counting.It will stop calculating the time if either the tab goes inactive or kept idle for more than 30 seconds.

Google Dictionary

I’m a kind of guy who can’t resist from knowing a meaning of a new word when i find it while reading a website.Until few days back i used to find out the meaning by typing this query on Google “Define: MyNewWord”. Since i was a lazy guy i was searching for an extension to make my work simpler and here i found “Google Dictionary” which can find me the meaning without the need of navigating to other websites.
chrome extension dictionary
I can simply double-click on a word to know its meaning with the help of this extension.It supports several languages and is very handy to use it.Download Google Dictionary for Chrome.

What Font ?

Whenever you find a stylish web font on any website it is possible to know the name of the font just by hovering your mouse on the text.”What Font” is an useful extension which can find you various type of fonts, their size and the font family.
chrome extension what font
After installing the extension you would get a toolbar icon of it.Click on the icon and hover your mouse to find the font type.If you are a website developer then this is a must needed extension for you.Go grab it from here : WhatFont

Hide Tabs on Google Chrome Browser using Panic Button

Have you ever fell into an “Oh My God !” situation when someone suddenly enters into your room and you have no time to close or hide all of your chrome tabs? Not to worry anymore, This post will help you out for maintaining your privacy within the browser by enabling you to hide all your opened tabs with a single click within a second. In case you have missed my previous post on 5 Interesting Google Chrome Tricks then might have a look at it before getting into this article.

panic button to hide tabs on google chrome browser


Hide Tabs on Google Chrome Browser using Panic Button

Chrome has got a useful extension named “Panic Button” which you can get it for free from the link provided below.
Panic ButtonPanic button icon will be visible on your browser as soon as you install it.You can tweak the settings of the panic button from their options page.To do so right click on the panic button and select “Options”. 

panic button to hide tabs on google chrome browser

You can set keyboard shortcut to Hide/Show the visible tabs on the browser.

You can set password to the hidden tabs so that when someone other than you tries to open them will not be able to open them as it would request for the password.

Setting a safe page is the best way.When you click on the panic button a default page will be loaded for example when i click on the panic button i want Google’s home page to be displayed.So i have set the custom page with the URL of Google that you can see from the above screenshot.

Hiding the panic button toolbar icon can be useful as it will not be visible on the toolbar once you click on it.You can activate it again by using the shortcut key that you have set from the previous step.

Now who has the Panic? you or your browser ?

uTorrent for Google Chrome Extension Download

It’s now possible to manage all of your torrents from the Google chrome browser itself via a simple extension. uTorrent is the best torrent client available in the market and if you aren’t aware of torrents you might have a look at the Torrent before getting into this article.

Download utorrent faster

Download uTorrent for Chrome

Go to the Download link and download the uTorrent extension.
Open your previously installed uTorrent client from the desktop and select “Option” => “Preferences
Move on to the “Connections” tab and note down the port number which we will be using it later.
utorrent for chrome
Navigate to the “Web UI” tab located under “Advanced” option and Enable Web UI. Type in a username and password and finally click on “OK” button.
download torrent from chrome

Configuring uTorrrent on Chrome Browser

Click on the uTorrent icon on your browser or go to this Link.This would open up the configuration page on Chrome.
  1. Let the language be “English”.
  2. Enter the host name as “localhost”.
  3. Fill in the port,username and password that you had already noted down.
  4. Keep the SSL as “Disabled” and click on save.
torrent download on google chrome
You have successfully configured the uTorrent extension for Google chrome browser.Whenever you are about to download a torrent link just right click on it and select “Remotely add this torrent”.This would save your time.
If you need to check the downloading torrents or if you wish to pause or start a torrent then you can do it directly from your chrome browser directly by using the extension.
utorrent browser chrome extension
Kindly share it, if you find this post useful

5 Interesting Firefox Browser Tricks

Firefox is one of the best browser which enables even the slow network users to browse with the fullest speed.Most of the firefox fan’s must already knew that there are several tricks that one can perform and in this article i will make you aware of the 5 interesting tricks that you can do within firefox.Most of these tricks which i am going to list down below are not really famous but they might be more useful at some situations.If you are a chrome fan then i had already posted about the 5 interesting Google chrome tricks earlier.

firefox browser tricks

5 Interesting Firefox Browser Tricks

Trick 1 : View Page in 3D

3d view
I found this trick very interesting in firefox and i had decided to share it with my readers.Firefox 3D view allows you to see the webpage in a 3-Dimensional view. If you have the latest version of firefox then you are good to go.To open the 3D view select the firefox button at the top left and navigate to Web Developer => Toggle Tools.From the window displayed at the bottom select the 3D icon from the right side just as shown in the below image.
It is mostly used for debugging and web developing but i used to play with this tool when i feel bored.

Trick 2 :  Carry your bookmarks,history,add-ons,passwords wherever you go.

bookmark history synchronize

The most interesting feature of firefox browser is that you can synchronize all your bookmarks,history,add-ons,passwords… to your e-mail account and they can be accessed from any computer.

Also read : How to speedup Firefox

To enable synchronize open the firefox then go to tools => options => Sync.
Choose setup firefox sync and click on create a new account.
Fill in all the required details and proceed to the next window.
Finally your e-mail account will be sync’d with the browser.

Trick 3 : Private browsing without leaving your trace

private browsing

Private Browsing in firefox allows you to hide your traces on the internet such as your browser history,search history,cookies and temporary files…Both firefox and chrome allows private browsing and to know which browser is better then you can check out this post : Which is better,Firefox or Chrome?

To browse in a private mode just press ctrl+shift+p from your firefox browser and you are done.

Trick 4 : Profiler

developer option profiler

Profiler is an inbuilt tool which has been provided by the firefox for the purpose of developers.While you are browsing the internet you can view each and every javascript that are running behind your browser.

To open the profile click on the firefox button on the top left and select web developer => profiler .
Now you will be displayed with a new windows at the bottom and click on the start button to start profiling.Meanwhile you could browse for the webpages you need to profile and click on stop button.A list of javascripts will be shown which your browser has used during the web search.There is a small arrow button available at the end of the javascript which when clicked allows you to view the script.

Trick 5 : Place bookmarks on the bookmark toolbar for quick access

Have you ever wondered how to place all of your favorite bookmarks on the bookmark toolbar.It is possible in firefox and the bookmark toolbar is the bar below the navigation toolbar.
Whenever you bookmark a site using the star button it saves the bookmark to the unsorted list.But to push it to the bookmark bar we have to click the start button once again and from the menu appearing just change the folder to the bookmark toolbar as shown in the picture below.
bookmark toolbar folder
It is also possible to create a folder on the bookmark toolbar and place all your favorite sites inside that folder.
These are the few interesting firefox browser tricks that i had found useful to be shared with my readers and if you knew any other firefox browser tricks then you are always welcomed to post it in the comment section below.

5 Interesting Google Chrome Browser Tricks

Google chrome has conquered the top position of the browser by competing with Firefox and Internet explorer and this article is about the 5 interesting Google chrome tricks which will be very useful for the regular chrome users.

5 Interesting Google Chrome Browser Tricks

Trick 1 : Incognito Window

Google chrome lets you to surf privately without tracking your browser histories,search histories,cookies etc.This chrome trick doesn’t need any effort ,by simply pressing ctrl+shift+n incognito window can be opened.Also Read : How to speed web cam nile up Firefox Browser.

But using incognito window is not recommended for online payments and other online transactions as it is not safe and websites with malware might easily aquire your information as well.

Trick 2 : Pinned Tab

Pinned Tab is a simple trick in Google chrome which allows you to pin the tabs inorder to compress the size of the tab and as a result more tabs can be added to the browser without squeezing them together.
To pin a tab right click on the tab and select “pin tab” and the tab must be reduced into an icon as shown in the above image.

Trick 3 : Task Manager

Task manager in Google chrome is the best feature that makes chrome to be unique.In other browsers such as Firefox the tabs are compiled into one in the process and if something goes wrong on one tab then entire browser goes down whereas chrome provides separate process for each tabs.
The task manager gives complete information about the tabs and their respective memory,process ID etc,This trick is simple to open a task manager right click on an empty space on the top of the browser and select task manager.

Trick 4 : Synchronize Bookmarks

It is possible to carry all your bookmarks,history,settings,themes and passwords to any computer/laptop which has an internet connection.
Type chrome://settings/ on your browser’s URL and sign in with your Google account.Now click on the synchronize and from the advanced settings tick only those elements that are needed to be synchronized.

5.Inspect Element

Inspect element is the most advanced feature of Google chrome for web developers to know the codes behind a web page.For example if i needed to know where a image has been stored in a particular web page then i must select the image and right click => inspect element.
Now i can see the link of the image where it has been stored free online sex comedy movies any even i can see the other CSS Styles.Hope all these Google chrome tricks helped you and if there is any trick missed in the above article then let us know by posting them on the comment section.

Firefox vs Google Chrome,which is better ?

There is always a question on everyone’s mind about “Which browser is better ?firefox or chrome”.In Reality we cannot predict the best one out but we can compare their advantages and disadvantages over the other.There is nothing wrong if you support for Firefox or chrome as you may be a fan of it but before making any decisions let us quickly compare the browsers.

Firefox vs Google Chrome :

Speed : First and the most important thing that everyone seek is for the speed.

Firefox includes inbuilt hardware acceleration support that makes the multimedia components inside the webpage to load faster and it has an Excellent support for HTML5.

Whereas Google Chrome also includes hardware acceleration and HTML5 support but what makes it differ from other browser is its Instant site prediction and loading feature which is not seen in firefox sadly .Once you start typing in the name of the website you want,chrome completes loading the site before you finish typing.

Security and Privacy : Next thing after speed is security.

Google Chrome offers more security in malware detection and Phishing protection.Chrome also helps you to protect the information you share online.

Firefox is very secure with its pop-up blockers and protection against the malwares over the internet.It does not provides the client-side tracking which is seen only in Internet Explorer.But it has got the Master Password feature which allows you to secure the stored passwords inside the browser whereas chrome lacks this feature.

Performance : This makes the difference

Firefox browser is very much efficient in handling the multiple tabs.It clubs all the tabs into a single process which consumes less process but if anything goes wrong in one of the tabs then you have no choice but simply close the entire process.

Google chrome handles tabs in a different way where a every time a new tab is opened a new process will be created so if one of your tab is not responding that particular process alone can be closed.

Interface : looks and design

Firefox is simple,cute and provides lots of space for the website that makes it very powerful in its interface quality.

Google chrome window is streamlined,clean and simple.For example, you can search and navigate from the same box and arrange tabs however you wish quickly and easily.

Additional Features : Both have their own unique features.

Google chrome provides built-in support for flash videos and pdf documents which is not present in firefox and google chrome has lots of plugins which make chrome more user friendly.

Firefox provides several add-ons and Greasemonkey scripts which makes the browser more famous.Even though it lags in some features like built-in support for flash and pdf documents they can be externally added which is not considered as a big issue.

Both the browsers provides mail synchronization features and so you can open your bookmarks and other personal stuffs from anywhere.

Conclusion :

Even though i am a die hard fan of Firefox i am sad to tell you the bitter truth that the Google chrome is changing the way of internet browsing and i have seen many firefox users who are migrating towards chrome slowly.I am neither against Firefox nor Google chrome and if you have any points from your side you can comment them in the comments section below.

How to View Saved Passwords in Firefox and Chrome

Most of the browsers like firefox,google chrome,opera,Internet Explorer etc gives the user an option to save the passwords inside the browser.They are very useful for a user who has many number of accounts in various websites and feels difficult to remember each and every password.But this cute option can become a serious issue today as anyone who uses your computer can see your saved passwords easily.Here i will tell you how to view your saved passwords in Firefox and Chrome and how to secure those passwords from others.

View Saved Passwords In Firefox :

  • Go to Tools => Options.
  • Move to the Security tab and click on Saved Passwords.
  • Now click on show passwords to view all the passwords.
firefox security
In order to Prevent others from accessing your saved passwords firefox provides you a security function which allows you to set a Master Password for your browser.Once you have set a master password whenever you try to view your saved passwords the browser prompts you for the master password and shows the saved password only if the master password is correct.Now your passwords are more secure and safe than before.

To Set a Master password for Firefox Follow these Steps :

  • Go to Tools => Options.
  • Move to the Security tab and click the check box next to “use a master password“.
  • Enter a Secure password and you are done.
firefox scurity

View Saved Password in Google Chrome :

  • Click on the wrench icon.
  • Move to Personal Stuffs tab.
  • Click on the saved passwords.
  • List of websites will be showed and click on show button next to the website you need to show the password.
Unlike Firefox, Google Chrome does not provide master password feature to protect the passwords from unauthorized users.Google chrome encrypts the password entirely in a different way.Chrome uses your user login password from your computer and encrypts the password with those key.So by any chance you change your login password you will loose all your saved passwords.You people are unlucky,sorry!

Boost Firefox Browsing Speed in 2014

When my broadband connection is slow i used to search on internet for how to speed up firefox and end up in a list of steps that are to be followed and get a boost in speed .I have mentioned few steps below to speed up firefox and so follow the steps with me and at the end of the post your are going to have your speedup firefox with a little increase in its browsing speed.For increasing the download speed of your firefox go below to see how to speed up firefox download.lets start.

Steps to speed up firefox browsing :


1. The first step is to download the latest firefox from the website:  Download
Then you open your browser and type about:config in the browser and press enter and in that page select ” i ll be careful, i promise” button.
  • Search for network.http.pipelining and double click on it to make it TRUE
  • Search for network.http.pipelining.maxrequests and double click on it to set the value as 20
  • Search for network.http.proxy.pipeliningand change it to TRUE
  • Search for network.dns.disableIPv6 and change it to TRUE
  • Right click anywhere and select new => integer and name it as nglayout.initialpaint.delay and set it to 0
  • Again create a new integer and name it as ui.submenuDelay and set the value to 0


2. Fasterfox is a software which will provide the faster browsing experience in firefox.

  • Click accept and install.
  • Restart your firefox .You will experience a faster browsing.

Steps to speed up firefox downloads: 

I will give here some of the major downloaders but installing too many add-ons can occupy more memory in your RAM and so it is wise to Install any one of the add-on below.

  •  DownThemAll Downloads twice faster as your default downloader.

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